WMH grows green!

So that success has a future, we not only act responsibly towards our customers and partners.

As part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, the WMH GROUP GERMANY also takes the environment into account – for example through a particularly careful, because more intelligent, use of resources.

A modern, efficiency-enhanced infrastructure and optimized processes make an effective contribution to minimizing energy consumption. A modern 250 kWp photovoltaic system has been supplying power for the company and administration buildings since 2014. Since 2015, the heating and hot water requirements of the office buildings have been 100% covered by a 100 kW wood chip system, which is operated with the wood waste from day-to-day business.

The transport packaging made from the renewable raw material wood therefore makes an important contribution even after its actual purpose.

Intelligently networked and controlled, all means and measures sustainably improve the CO₂ balance of WMH GROUP GERMANY. Our company philosophy combines what is economically sensible with what is socially necessary – and thus creates a win-win situation for the company, people and the environment, from which everyone benefits in the long term!

Alternative energy sources

WMH have already taken numerous initiatives to reduce their ecological footprint and make a positive contribution to the environment. Since 2013, for example, we have a 250 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of our building, which supplies our operational and administrative buildings with electricity. This enables us to generate even more electricity and further reduce CO₂ emissions.

In addition, our 100 kW wood chip system has enabled us to supply 100% of our heating and hot water to our entire office buildings since 2015. This is fuelled by the wood we no longer use.

Electric vehicle fleet

 In recent years, we have expanded our vehicle fleet and replaced our company cars with electric vehicles. Other vehicles, such as our forklift trucks, have also been replaced with fully electric equipment.

WMH are aware that the switch to an electric vehicle fleet is associated with a number of challenges. These include the availability of charging stations and the range of the vehicles. Nevertheless, the company is determined to overcome these obstacles and make its fleet sustainable. We have already installed 10 of our own charging stations at our buildings.

Environmental management system certification

In order to further establish sustainability and environmental protection in the company, we have decided to obtain the ISO 14001 certification. We carried out the initial certification in April 2022. Our documented environmental management system motivates our employees to maintain and continuously improve this system.

You can find additional certificates under the menu item „Certificates„.

ISO 14001 Zertifikat für die WMH Group Germany

WMH are also committed to other areas of sustainability. For example, waste is consistently separated and recycled in order to reduce the amount of waste and conserve valuable resources. We also do not use film in our packaging and reuse the packaging whenever possible.

Finally, we would like to emphasise that sustainability is a process that takes time and commitment. It is not about being perfect, but about taking small steps in the right direction. Every single contribution counts and can have a positive impact.


WMH GROUP GERMANY im  Aluminiumhandel seit 1932
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